Prophet Muhammad Essay

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The prophet than said my favorite wife is the one I gave the dinar.

In this case it was all his wives, so all of them were satisfied and happy because they never knew the prophet gave them all a dinar. The prophet Muhammad as a father - After praying Isha, he would always go to his daughter Fatima and her family.

- So it is obvious that prophet Muhammad was not married to 11 wives for the sake of pleasure.

- All the tribes were looking to get the prophet married to their women.

He would feed people in times of famine and would restrain wrongdoers.

Muhammad's mother was Aminah, daughter of Wahab son of Abd Manaf, son of Kilab. When Muhammad was born his mother said: “As soon as I put my child on the ground he leaned with his hands on the ground, raised his head to the skies and looked at the horizons all the while speaking in phrases of monotheism.

- Ruqaya the prophets daughter did not want Othman her husband to fight in the battle of Badr.

The prophet ordered him to stay fear of his daughter and her emotions.

- Once Aisha RAA was so jealous that she made a comment about Khadijah and said: She was only an old lady and Allah has replaced her with better.

The prophet got very angry at Aisha’s harsh comment.


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