Publishing Your Dissertation In A Journal

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Registration is a necessary step should you want to sue for copyright infringement. If the material you want to use in your dissertation/thesis is in the public domain, you don’t need permission or to do a fair use assessment, just don’t forget to cite it! Registering provides a date-stamp, which can be useful in establishing primacy of your work.

Q: Could someone steal my ideas and publish them before I can if I make I my dissertation/thesis openly available?

A: This is a valid concern, and we have ways to deal with it.

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Some agreements include statements on re-using the published article in your dissertation/thesis.

Publishing Your Dissertation In A Journal

Depending on what the agreement indicates, you may need to seek an embargo of your dissertation/thesis, which delays the release of the full-text (6 months, 1 year, or 2 years), or you may need to get in touch with the journal editor to discuss adding an addendum to your signed agreement that allows you to re-use the article.Should you need to extend the embargo period because you are in the midst of patent negotiations, your advisor may request a one-time extension of the embargo from Pro Quest and Tufts Digital Collections & Archives.For information about embargoing a thesis or dissertation, consult your program’s thesis/dissertation guide.While the Library cannot provide legal advice, if you are a UC Berkeley graduate student, we'd be delighted to consult with you as you consider copyright issues further in drafting your dissertation.Here are some common student concerns and questions about what it means to make a copy of a dissertation/thesis available via Pro Quest Dissertations & Theses and in the open access Tufts Digital Library: Q: Will making my dissertation/thesis openly available in the institutional repository hurt my chances for publication?A: You have a couple of options – embargo or redaction.Consult with IRB and your advisor for more information about either of these options.Plus, they put a copy of your work in the Library of Congress; you’ve arrived!You can register your copyright at any time; it does not need to occur at the moment of submission to Pro Quest.You can do this process on your own at any time once your work is in a “fixed” format, or you can ask Pro Quest to register your copyright on your behalf during the submission process.Formal registration establishes a claim on your particular “expression” of your ideas. Depending on the amount and type of material being used, it may be more appropriate to seek permission.


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