Quality Of Good Teacher Essay

If a teacher cannot control their students, they will not be able to teach them effectively.Being a good classroom manager starts on day one by incorporating simple procedures and expectations and then following through on predetermined consequences when those procedures and expectations are compromised.

There are those who work extremely hard at their craft getting better on a daily basis and there are those that are just simply there never striving to improve.

Even though this type of teacher is in the minority, just a handful of truly bad teachers can hurt the profession.

Professionalism encompasses many different areas of teaching.

A lack of professionalism can quickly result in a teacher’s dismissal. They may fail to follow a district's dress code or use inappropriate language in their classroom.

Most states require teachers to pass a comprehensive series of assessments to obtain certification within a specific subject area.

Quality Of Good Teacher Essay Grade 2 Problem Solving Questions

With this requirement, you would think that all teachers would be proficient enough to teach the subject area(s) they were hired to teach.

A good teacher will think before acting, even in moments where emotions or stressors are running high.

Good communication is essential in the teaching profession.

There are some teachers who simply lack motivation.

They spend the minimum amount of time necessary to do their job never arriving early or staying late.


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