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Think of that stuffy and rigid person you know who is always full of opinions, especially when they are wrong, and can go on at length about something they know nothing about.

Because most of the quotes used by the universities are presented without much context, you have an open invitation to becoming a card-carrying ultracrepidarian if you do not approach the quote in a skillful way.

How can you make a joke or satirize something or riff on it if you do not know what it is?

So knowing something about the background of a quote is useful, especially if you want to cleverly subvert expectations.

I know that sounds like a bad thing but have you ever looked into a cow’s eyes? I’ve looked into a lot a cow eyes because I’m from Wisconsin.”Dialogue is an underutilized tool in the college essay.

So many students don’t even consider adding an outdated adage from a parent or a hilarious crack from a high school coach to break up their prose, set the scene or build the profiles of their stories’ characters.

You can have a look at recent Princeton prompts, but hold off on writing an essay for Princeton until they confirm for the 2019-2020 season, which usually happens in the last week of July–they may change one or more and it’s not worth writing an essay in full until you know–although it’s not a bad idea to have a look at the old prompts and let your mind work on it a bit while you tend to other things.

Let’s take a look at the basic types of quote essays, then have a look at our first example for this year and some ideas about how to attack the prompt: Three types of Quote Essays There are three basic ways that colleges can ask you to write about a quote: One of the main problems in writing about a quote prompt is establishing some kind of frame for what you want to do. Know the Background of the Quote Well let’s look at what you might not or definitely do not want to do: write about a quote in such a way that you actually contradict the quote unintentionally and, well, make a fool out of yourself and fall victim to ultracrepidarian syndrome.

In fact, the gentleman who the essay as a form, Michel de Montaigne, used quotes all over his “little attempts” or “essais;” I have never been bored by Montaigne and dozens of his essays are truly great.

Of course, these “essais” also run from a few pages to a couple score of pages, and they were not written for college admissions.


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