Reality Tv Thesis Statement

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Humans are endlessly different and endlessly interesting to other humans.In these programmes we see people like us faced with unusual situations.That makes us think about what we would do in their place, and about what principles should govern human behaviour.Jamie Oliver has raised issues of youth unemployment and poor diet, and “Fit Club” has got people thinking about health and fitness.Reality shows are driving out other sorts of programmes, so that often there is nothing else to watch.The programmes are full of swearing, crying and argument, and often violence, drunkenness and sex.This sends a message to people that this is normal behaviour and helps to create a crude, selfish society. They do reflect our society, which isn’t always perfect, but we should face up to these issues rather than censor television in order to hide them.It also shows us people who look very different from us, and helps us see that actually we have a lot in common with them.Reality shows send a bad message and help to create a cult of instant celebrity.These programmes suggest that anyone can become famous just by getting on TV and “being themselves”, without working hard or having any particular talent.Kids who watch these shows will get the idea that they don’t need to study hard in school, or train hard for a regular job. Once upon a time there were only a few television channels, and everybody watched the same few programmes.


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