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Further recommendations are made about action to be taken in light of the major recommendation above.

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But changes due to market trends and to keep the business viable, managerial and technical skills are extremely important in any field where income generation is of primary importance, management knowledge is a must and that includes the teachers for whom this research study is attributed.

In systems management, emphasis must be in integrating entrepreneurial technology, finance and marketing strategies instead of transfer of technique only and the most ignored factor, gut feel of the economic factors to be considered.

They are specific suggestions that you make with regard to further research on the topic.

For instance, you can make recommendations on subsequent research that can be conducted, especially, if there is an interest in generalizing the findings beyond the study’s parameters.

In the case of hypothecation, was the hypothesis proven and, if not, what potential alternative hypotheses may need to be explored.

Thesis title: “Development of a Source Material in Food Dehydration Craft Technology for the Secondary Schools” Recommendations After a thorough analysis of data, the following recommendations are hereby made: a) a built-in thermometer, hygrometer and psychrometer should be installed to monitor the conditions inside the dehydrator; b) an additional circuit system designed to control the voltage input to the heating element for a stable hot air supply; c) the material of construction to be used should be made of stainless steel so as not to oxidize the food being dried because the prototype unit made use of Aluminum which is not recommended for use in food like fruits having a high acid content; d) the blower fans to be used should be regulated as low, medium and high for better regulation of the relative humidity inside the drying chamber; e) if the prototype dehydrator has been built, experimentations should be done on a variety of foods to test its efficacy to deliver the desired output.This needs to be to the point but should enable the reader to gain an understanding of the methodology without having to read the chapter independently.Discussion of results – A brief discussion of the meaning of the results, highlighting important findings and how these results relate to the overall understanding of the field of study.The research implications are always supported by a strong statistical significance and correlations of results from your research keeping in view the shortcoming of the study.When you make a “Research recommendation”, you can emphatically state what are the next steps that need to be taken to address a problem, what are the immediate actions that need to be implemented to solve a particular question, what needs to be corrected & what needs to be avoided to solve a problem, what is the feasibility of your proposed policy, statements about the nature and timing of an evaluation plan that would be used to determine the effectiveness of the proposed policy.However, the implications need to be substantiated by evidence and the study's parameters need to be explained and the limitations taken into account to avoid over-generalization of results.Recommendations urge specific actions to be taken with regard to policy, practice, theory, or subsequent research.Recommendations are based on the results of your research and indicate the specific measures or directions that can be taken.For example, a clinical study might have implications for cancer research and might recommend against the use of a particular hazardous substance.Any methodological problems encountered, modifications made or solutions attempted need to be discussed.Recommendations / Conclusions / Implications – A brief explanation of what recommendations or conclusions from observed data can be made from your research and the implications and indicate what further research you feel is needed, what approach and why.


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