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Technology integration begins with proper planning by the teacher so that the use of technology is meaningful and relevant.Integrating technology into the classroom begins with the teacher preparing lessons that use technology in meaningful and relevant ways, using technology to support curriculum rather than dominate it.Based on research data, it is clear that when technology is used as a learning tool, 'students' attitudes toward learning and their own self-concept improved consistently' (Schacter, 2001).

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Integrating technology into the classroom is an approach to develop better understanding of basic concepts provided it is applied appropriately.

Research was done through reading current research material that was well supported by data found over the time since technology has become a prevalent field in education.

Integrating technology In Classroom Our society is increasingly dependent on technology and our schools need to prepare students who are competent in technology.

One way to ensure the success of learners is to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum.

Based on over a decade of research regarding the benefits of technology integration in today's classroom, there is overwhelming evidence that supports the use of technology to raise student achievement.

This paper addresses that question by describing several of the benefits that technology brings to education including improvement in student achievement on tests, the benefits for students who have special needs and who are at-risk, improved attitudes towards learning, individualized learning, and the role of technology in acting as a catalyst for change in school pedagogy.By ramping up the enthusiasm of the students, more learning will most likely occur.By continuing to study the effects of technology on students' attitudes, educators can continue to justify the use of technology to raise student achievement.With the anticipated increase of technology related careers in the future, educators must prepare their students by using technology as a teaching and learning tool.By using technology as a teaching and learning tool, research suggests that students will perform better, teachers' satisfaction and instruction will improve, and our students will be competitive in a global workforce.Purpose of the Study It is clear that since the introduction of the affordable personal computer in the 1980's, technology has made a big impact in the classroom.As technology becomes more readily available in schools, the role of the teacher changes to facilitator 'through the thoughtful integration of student-centered methodologies and computer-based technology' (Poole, Sky Mellvain, Jackson, and Singer, 2006).Technology should assist learners to solve their problems and create collaborative learning environments.Technology is a wonderful way to open doors of learning and assisting students in becoming engaged learners.In addition to improving students' attitudes, research has shown that testing scores have also improved with the use of technology.Advantages of Integrating Technology Now it's time to look at the advantages of integrating technology into the higher education classroom.


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