Research Paper Premarital Sex

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Results: The result showed that 20.3% of 400 students had committed in the pre-marital sex.

The peer’s influence contributed to five folds of its practices among teens, while the lack of harmonious family environment and parental supervision were significantly contributed to the pre-marital sex practices among adolescents.

Sample size was calculated using a single population proportion formula based on the assumptions of 20.2% prevalence (P) of premarital sex among in-school youths in Injibara town of Awi zone [5], a 95% confidence level (Za/2), a 4% margin of error (d), a design effect of 2 and a 10% non-response rate.

Accordingly, the total sample size calculated was about 851.

Binary and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed to examine the relationship between premarital sexual practices and selected exposure variables.

Nearly one fifth 157 (19%) of the participants reported having had premarital sexual intercourse, of which 91 (22.7%) were males and 66 (15.5%) were females.

With the higher level of HIV infection and poorer sexual and reproductive health outcomes among youths [5, 6], it is crucial to identify the determinants of sexual activity to inform policy makers and local program managers.

However, in-school youth premarital sexual practice and its related health effects were not dealt in-depth within the study area.

The mean (SD) age at first sexual intercourse was 16 .48 (1.59) for males and 15.89 (1.68) for females.

More than three - fourth of sexually active in-school youths engaged in premarital sexual relationship before celebrating their 18th birthday.


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