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The cointegration relationship is not found for the next to near months futures contracts, where futures trading volume is low.

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The market for energy trading is fast-moving, and covers a range of commodities and sectors.

It has increasingly begun to gain definition and separation from the commodities marketplace, and now is segmenting further into network and generation-based markets such as electricity and gas, and energy…

The sub-sections of the energy market include electricity markets, coal (which is tightly linked to logistics), oil (which is the most geographically integrated market, but is divided…

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Recent regulations designed to tackle abuse and misconduct in trading markets now require many firms to install surveillance systems to monitor their trading activity.

But for most trading firms, actually achieving this is far from straightforward. The commodities markets are at an important crossroads in their evolution.

Gold is part of the Precious Metals group, which is part of the Metals group.

Another way to find books on your commodity and various aspects of it is to use keyword searching.

It reflects the notable shifts that have occurred in the market for Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) solutions in recent months.

It analyzes: The emerging business and technology trends in the market, and how they are…


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