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Analyze the implementation of a new strategy of communication in an existing company.

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Discuss the relevance of the healthcare administration problem.

Conduct an analysis of implementation of this technology considering all possible problems, barriers, costs, and personnel needed for its implementation.

Did you know that rental companies such as Airbnb directly affect the local housing market and economy? What steps were already taken to minimize the influence of Airbnb on prices?

For example, one of the problems is that a landlord can earn more by renting a property on a popular website than renting a property to a local resident. What can be done to regulate Airbnb and make it benefit the economy?

All topics that you can see above are also useful for such disciplines as economics and project management.

What is the purpose of college: finding a job or knowledge?What new technologies should be implemented in order to improve particular processes of the medical center?What healthcare administration issues or barriers exist in the chosen hospital?The new technologies and constantly changing world need managers that can reshape the best global companies.Review literature on sustainable leadership within the 21st century.For the last ten years, the Chinese market has become more and more attractive for US companies.But building an effective company in China may have more barriers than language.Look through the existing information about cultural and organizational behavior in China and how it differs from those in the US.What peculiarities should the company consider to successfully launch a business in China?Here you can find undergraduate topics in business, education, social science, and medical disciplines. Evaluate the impact of leadership and culture on the sustainable development of 21st century organizations.The beginning of the 21st century may be characterized by a new approach to leadership and culture.


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