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Amongst a group of 500 very bright first-year students, there seemed to be only one correct answer, and that was not Ronald Reagan but, rather, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

By a considerable margin it was the Russian rather than the American who won the overwhelming majority of votes (over 70 percent of the total).

America’s European allies were mired down in a politically bruising effort to deploy a new class of missiles at home.

And, as many felt at the time, the United States stood on the cusp between one highly debilitating decade (Reagan later called the 1970s a “decade of neglect”) and another whose prospects looked anything but bright.

Awards are determined by the Foundation and range from $1,000-$10,000 for qualified undergraduate education expenses.

Top award recipients also may choose a teacher to receive a grant of 0.Indeed, instead of retreating (some even believed declining), the United States should challenge its enemies, including the USSR, to a serious contest with nothing less than the world as the prize.Reagan was always certain that in the end the West would win.But in early 2011 Reagan did: forty-eight pages of it from the cover title—“Reagan: An American Icon”—through the back page where we find out that it was no less a corporation than General Electric (a company for which Reagan worked as spokesman between 19) that had in fact sponsored that very important “Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration.” Reagan, I suspect, would not have been dismayed.Indeed, according to one account, he later admitted that working for GE was “the second most important eight-year job” he ever had!Qualified candidates may apply online starting December 17, 2018 through February 22, 2019.To be considered for this award, candidates must complete the secure online application and all of its components prior to the deadline.And finally, is it possible to arrive (twenty years after the end of the Cold War in 1989 and a century after the birth of Ronald Reagan) at a balanced view of the part he played in undermining the Soviet system?When Ronald Reagan took over the White House, the end of the Cold War not only seemed a very long way off—nobody in fact thought in such terms at the time—but in many respects it actually looked as if the USSR (and not the West) was winning. Its supporters in the Third World from Central America to southern Africa seemed to be sweeping all opposition before them.Download a Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholars Program flyer here.Honoring both our nation’s 40th President and his lasting legacy of leadership, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholars Program awards Ventura County, Calif., high school seniors who exemplify outstanding leadership skills and personal character with a total of ,000 in scholarships annually.


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