Salem Witch Trials Essay Introduction

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The preacher was for protecting innocent people from being persecuted.With that background in mind, this paper shall describe the Salem witch trials and narrow down to women and property in relation to the same.The same study explains that out of the total number of the accused, there were fourteen women and five men.

Other girls who were likewise afflicted maintained that they had seen witches flying during winter and were supported by the family of Putnam which was very prominent (Boyer and Nissenbaum pp. As highlighted in the introductory part, the first group to be accused was composed of three women namely Osborn, Good and Tituba.

While Osborn was old and querulous, Good was a beggar who never had a permanent dwelling place and survived mainly by begging for food and shelter from the villagers.

The women were inclusive of Sarah Osborn and Sarah Good who did not did not agree to the charges and Tituba who voluntarily agreed to the charges and did not plead innocent.

Around one hundred and eighty five people had been accused by the time the trials came to an end of which one hundred and forty one were women while the rest were men.

They were using a makeshift crystal ball to foretell their future and were aided by a slave couple which had come from Western India.

The first trial began on February in the year 1692 after the arrest of three women who were being accused of witchcraft.

To affirm, this dogs were given a cake that was mixed with the urine of the victim and in case the dog and victim displayed similar behaviour, it was concluded that the victim was actually bewitched.

The number of the bewitched girls continued to increase and it turned out to be a matter of concern since villagers became obsessed with it.

Although she tried to seek religious counsel; the woman described that she was prevented from doing so by the devil.

Most surprisingly, Tituba explained that she had around four witches who were serving Satan with her, Osborn and Good included.


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