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Stef shares these adventures and hands-on learning activities on Instagram and Twitter.Science Detective Download sample pages from Science Detective Beginning (PDF) What if you could combine three subjects into a single book?He wanted to find clues and somehow crack difficult codes.

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The design of the reading passages and questions is very much like those beginning to appear on standardized tests for science. But even though the content is logically organized and covers each topic fairly well, there’s really not enough content for an entire school year.

In fact, might be most useful for test preparation. Yet, students can acquire a substantial amount of science education if they really learn the content and don’t just read through it sufficiently to find the answers to the questions.

Passages each have at least five paragraphs, so these are not simple reading comprehension exercises even though many of the skills rely on reading comprehension more than anything else.

Each passage has letters identifying every paragraph and numbers identifying every sentence since students will identify paragraphs and/or sentences that support their answers for quite a few of the questions. There are a few true/false and multiple-choice questions, but there are one or more charts or graphs that students need to either complete or interpret to answer questions.

It is a discussion we usually save to wrap-up our lessons.

Thankfully, this curriculum does not harp on evolution.The first nine questions are multiple choice answer and number ten is a written response asking A “concept map” follows majority of the reading comprehension questions.This is the first time my 6th grader has filled out a concept map and I appreciated the new opportunity.Unfortunately he did not like this book as much as I did.I think the age range for this book is appropriate. My son did not like the lesson on China and the description of the Mongols cutting horse veins and drinking blood.You may want to glance at lesson 24 before handing it off to your child if you are as conservative as we are - the publisher seems to be using the terms animal and human interchangeably when discussing life stages.Also, this is a secular title so expect occasional references to evolution.I did point out he was behaving like a detective because we “analyzed” information from the reading to use our “critical thinking skills” to answer questions and then used that “evidence” to “prove” a point for the written response.However, he is somewhat stubborn and wanted an adventure with hands-on activities like we have studied history in the past.There are also one or more questions requiring a full-sentence response.The passages include content required by the National Science Standards (but not the Next Generation Science Standards).


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