Sharepoint Case Study Bank

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On the highest of levels, the project was divided into the following two parts: Migration from the existing web Portal to Liferay Implementation of bank requirements as new Enterprise Features for Liferay The migration involved a porting of CMS (content) and webpart applications (functionality) from Microsoft Share Point Server to Liferay Portal 6.0 EE.

Content Migration A fully automated Share Point-to-Liferay Content Migration application was implemented in order to allow content migrations to be repeatable across all environment pillars and reusable for future utilization in other Share Point-driven portals.

It's also why it's important to ensure that one of the most unstructured forms of information management, email, is also managed to ensure regulatory compliance.

The One Place Solutions product suite provides a powerful and seamless way for Outlook emails and their attachments, MS Office and files from Windows File Explorer to be classified with metadata and saved directly into a Share Point Server.

The program was driven by the following objectives: Transformation into a customer-centric organization A value proposition that focused on simplicity and convenience through multi-channel access and cross channel distribution, to increase customer convenience and thus loyalty Extend the service offering – banking and non-banking–to customers via integration with group members, government and 3rd parties Shorten time to market by introducing innovative approach to the new services implementation Within the group, it was decided that a portal would be the best functional and technological fit, and chose Liferay Portal.

A range of portal options were evaluated to host the site, and following a pre-study, Liferay emerged as the most suitable technology due to the following factors: State-of-the-art in front-end layer and rich on features Easy integration with J2EE, group development standard Optimal fit into landscape and total cost of ownership As a proof of concept, ČSOB Group decided to execute a full 1-to-1 porting of its Postal Savings Bank brand into Liferay Portal.In addition, the One Place Solutions product suite works with older versions of Office and Outlook to allow them to make full use of the features contained in Share Point 2010 or Share Point 2013.It also uses enterprise type-ahead keywords for fast and accurate filing of information.There are no additional desktop icons or new systems to learn.The One Place Solutions product suite simply presents new menu functions within these existing Microsoft applications making it intuitive for users to save information.Implementation of bank requirements as new enterprise features for Liferay The project was presented with an exhaustive list of business requirements to be delivered throughout the course of the implementation.Many requirements were satisfied through Liferay’s comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box tools.NET (with highly customized behavior that had been integrated to bank back-ends and 3rd-party services) into JSR-286 compliant portlet applications deployed into Liferay.This was accomplished through agile development iterations over the course of 3 months.From global banks to local governments, we partner with organizations on their journey to digital transformation.Sanipex Group wanted a more paperless office and one that would work with their ERP Sage Line 500 system integrated with their Oracle CRM on demand.


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