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It’s worth keeping this in mind if you were planning on making dropshipping your main full-time income stream..Choose a template that suits your needs, you will find free and paid template.Contacting suppliers, fulfilling orders, and hackling the prices is really time-consuming.

There are thousands of suppliers to choose from, but are they all legit?

Well, Oberlo identified that too much choice can be paralyzing, especially for beginners and introduced a list of Verified Suppliers which can be accessed from the Oberlo dashboard.

While dropshipping can replace a full-time income after the first year of trading, you will need to spend a lot of time to get there.

It takes time to set up your website and then consistently promote it to gain traffic to build sales.

All and all, a handy free tool designed for convenience and improved user experience. Once you import products into your inventory, you can always edit product information and upload new photos before it goes on your online store.

However, you will need to do it on your Shopify dashboard.When it comes to dropshipping, the goal is to make life easier for the merchant. Connecting sellers with thousands of trusted and vetted suppliers, the app also offers efficient product search and integration, one-click order fulfillment, and highly sought after product customization.You can browse thousands of products and suppliers on the Oberlo dashboard, and import items to your online store with a few clicks.This is crucial if you want to keep your profit margins high or run a special promotion on items that may have dipped in pricing. What makes Oberlo the shining star in the sea of dropshipping apps is the fact that they get it: it’s meant to be super easy, and they can make it happen with their one-click order fulfillment feature.When an order is placed on your online store, all you need to do is go into your inventory, locate the product, and click the Order Button. They’ll take care of all the packaging, storing and shipping for you.Most people who start an e Commerce website use it as a side hustle for the first year.This allows for a steady income to develop before they leave their day job.This app allows you to find products, and to import them on your store with only one click, and also to manage all the orders with only one supplier.Dropshipping is becoming one of the go-to business ideas for making money.Product inventory is automatically updated, so you can rest assured you’ll never sell an item that’s out of stock.It saves merchants precious time, as there is no need to run inventory reports.


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