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And while high schoolers may not appreciate it now, they will appreciate it later.If students did one less hour of homework and had one more hour of time with their families to play a game, watch movies, or just talk, it would contribute greatly not only to the health of the family but also to the wellbeing of the student.Students generally complain about homework because they are overworked.

Assigning less homework will likely mean that your students will have the opportunity to get more sleep, which means they’ll be more awake and engaged in class the next day.

Many students, especially high schoolers, associate school with a room they’re trapped in for a good portion of their lives, and they want nothing more than to be outside of that box.

But because each teacher thinks their class is most important, students often end up with several hours of homework a night.

That said, it’s important that you and your colleagues are in conversation about what assignments you all are giving each week.

Obviously, students (and people in general) can use their free time unproductively, like spending hours at a time on social media and browsing the internet.

But many students feel like their homework load prevents them from doing fun things that they like.Try to find assignments that your students might enjoy, like creating a Facebook profile or blog for a character from a Shakespeare play you’re reading.I’ve found that when students have a more manageable homework load, they’re more excited about school and learning in general.Something that teachers need to remember is how very long school days can seem for students, especially for high schoolers, if they have hours and hours of homework.They normally arrive at school between 7 and 8 a.m., stay in school until 3 p.m., may have after-school activities until 5 or 6 p.m., and may not be able to start on homework until 7 or 8 p.m. Even if your students have a homework load of just 1–2 hours, that means they won’t be able to get to bed until 9–10 p.m.Too often, though, teachers are overwhelmed and assign homework to try to cover material that didn’t have enough time to cover in class.Educators should avoid letting the homework “teach” the class.It’s important for students to have a life outside of school, and assigning less homework means that they have more time for such activities.Students should be well-rounded individuals; If they’re overloaded with homework, they won’t be able to develop in other areas.Too much homework is the perennial complaint of students.When you are often hearing complaints of being overworked it can be hard to ascertain when it’s a legitimate concern or when students are just trying to take the path of least resistance.


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