Small Business Marketing Plan Examples

Without one, you are operating by "seeing what sticks"—not the optimal way to market your business.

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For a typical small business, promotion will form the bulk of your strategy.The best plans are flexible, letting you make adjustments as you gain experience, data and insight into what works.Before you can sit down to write, you'll need to do some market research.It will help you understand yourself and your customers.Writing it down forces you to think through tough problems, come up with repeatable solutions and positions you for success.Marketing is about creating a conversation with people and measuring that conversation to see how well it's working. How does that conversation change tone, or meaning, as the marketplace changes?As you start executing your strategies keep that top of mind. This is the section where you get down to the practical nuts and bolts of your marketing plan.These are the employees who engage with your customers on a daily basis, and their feedback will give you valuable insights about your customers and prospects.Fill any gaps by talking with your employees and researching publications from trade and professional associations specific to your industry. Are any recent major developments affecting your distribution channels? Once you have the specifics down, consider what you can do to reduce the impact of these threats.The marketing plan is a powerful tool that belongs in your small business arsenal.If you've been making do without a plan so far, or using a "play it by ear" approach, you're missing out on boosted revenue. A plan focuses your best efforts on activities that move your business forward.


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