Snail Farming Business Plan

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This means they can be raised in a residential area, the backyard of the farmer, or any other place the farmer finds conducive for him.Even though the farm can be sited anywhere, some guidelines still need to be followed in siting the farm, some of them include: All these must be considered as they are paramount to the survival of the snail and the thriving of the farm.The farmer should also make economic decisions such as distance from market, transportation, etc.

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Moreso, you will need to visit an experienced farmer to understand practical methods on how to raise your snails, as there are some practical issues that write ups will most likely never cover.

CLASSES OF SNAILS The snails consumed in Africa are known as the Giant African Land Snails (GALS) and they are further divided into the following groups: is the most widely spread snail in West Africa, it is found in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc.

It is the most favorable snail as it grows to a very large size, sometimes up to 30cm, though it requires more humidity and it takes a longer time to reach sexual maturity than the other two species.

So if you do not have so much to start, you can use the little capital you have to set up and gradually grow the business with patience and diligence to your dream business.

SITING THE FARM: A major advantage of snail farming is that they are environment friendly, they hardly pollute the environment with their waste plus they do not produce any noise.


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