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What is essential, though, is that your social media communications, like any other marketing communication activity, must be constantly evaluated for effectiveness and action taken to refocus as required.

Research how many followers your competitors have on various networks to get an idea of where your target audience might be most active.

You can also see what responses competitors are getting for different types of content to learn which tactics might be most successful.

Social media is now as much a part of any marketer's toolbox as traditional advertising and sales promotions.

With user statistics for the leading social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter running into billions across the globe, it's easy to see why companies are using these channels to communicate with their customers and build new, global, communities of interest around their brands.

Begin by setting clear objectives to establish a benchmark.

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Look next at how you will control your social media activity; for example, draft a social media policy and clarify acceptable behavior.You can also get a sense of your audience by evaluating which of your social profiles are receiving the most traffic.If your audience has various subsets, depending on the business, products, or services you are promoting, it might also be beneficial to have multiple profiles on some social networks.Keep this messaging in mind as you create social media profiles that reflect your brand, and make sure your profile images are sized appropriately for each network.Profile images offer customers a first impression of your business and should be consistent with your brand.As with any marketing plan, you need to identify your target audience, which can include existing and potential customers.Knowing your audience will help you determine what social media channels and types of content are most appropriate for your business.Content creates engagement with your audiences to drive more and more conversations about your offer or company.Engagement leads to actions, though the model cautions against complicating this process: in the social media world, users will switch off before completing a complicated inquiry or registration form.New platforms and ways of working provide innovative opportunities to engage with your customers in new ways.Companies that demonstrate an understanding of how to reach and communicate with their customers through social media can develop a competitive advantage in the market.


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