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With reference to the UK, explore grounds on which of reaching common religious grounds through inter-faith connections 2.1.7 The society’s social structure is rapidly changing in the modern world.

Critically analyze the role of religious institutions in the UK and their effect on the social structure of the community 2.1.8 Discuss ways in which social interactions among people with dissimilar religious beliefs have orchestrated religious diffusion 2.1.9 Discuss the significance of religion and its impact on marriages in the modern world 2.1.10 Politics has a close relation with religion.

A topic should not necessarily be addressing the current issues always.

It is a critical analysis of a concept, situation or existing phenomenon and its applicability as well.

Dissertation writing is already a tough task for the students upon it dissertation on a topic like sociology can make things worse for them.

Students already don’t take an interest in writing dissertation above it sociology dissertation writing dwindle down all their morale.

Discuss the role of electronic and print media in the United Kingdom in creating different perceptions concerning different religions 2.1.5. Discuss this statement with reference to the link between social change and religion 2.1.6.

Inter-faith accords are necessary for peaceful coexistence of different religions.

Investigate the connection between education and religion emphasizing on the two aspects as a social institute 2.1.4.

Advancement in technology and increased freedom of the media has created different perceptions on religion.


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