Solving Word Problems With Linear Equations

The sum of three consecutive multiples of 8 is 888.Then, we have8x 8(x 1) 8(x 2) = 8888x 8x 8 8x 16 = 888Simplify.24x 24 = 888Subtract 24 from each side.24x = 864Divide each side by 24.Play by ear: pay attention to those small modifications that do not distort the of the problem.

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How do we know when a problem should be solved using an equation written in standard form?

// information pieces start with '@', followed by // a single letter from , followed by ": ".

// v - variable - anything that may change on a click // variables must precede all other pieces // f - formulation - word problem with embedded variables.

// Many formulations are possible for a single problem.

// Only one is shown at a time // e - equation - equation is like a formulation with a // potential provision to, e.g., enclose negative numbers // into parentheses // a - answer - like an equation, but allowed to have a parsable // portion.


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