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We hereby declare that all the work presented in the project report entitled “Impact of Social Networking Sites on academic performance of students” of the subject Research Tools and Techniques at Institute is an authentic record of our own work carried out under the guidance of Professor June The Course Professor Research Tools and Techniques Institute Respected Prof., We feel immense pleasure in presenting to your good self, the report as part of our course requirement.

We found this report to be truly challenging in many aspects, indeed very interesting in relation to the various interpretational and engrossing exercises.

Most sites help strangers connect with others based on shared personal interests, political and economic views, or simply recreational activities.

Some sites accommodate distinct viewers, while others attract people based on similarities, such as common languages or shared religious, racial, sexual or nationality-based identities.

Kindly accept this humble effort of bringing forward our research and finding on the subject matter.

Yours Obediently, First of all we express our great gratitude and love to the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, for enabling us to complete this dissertation successfully.

People discovered that the Internet could be used to connect with other people, whether for business or commercial purpose, make new friends, reawaken old friends and long lost relatives.

The use of social networking sites has been widespread that they have not only caught the attention of academic and industry researchers worldwide but also us, in particular.

We extend my cordial thanks and deep sense of gratitude to professor for his constant support, guidance and motivation, which helped the group immensely in completing this project.

The project on Impact of Social Networking Sites on academic performance of students provided us with an opportunity to understand the fundamentals of research methods in a better manner and apply them in everyday life.


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