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Although they are his fellows and brothers, he imagines them having limited force and faculty.

Although they are his fellows and brothers, he imagines them having limited force and faculty.

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Now, some people complain that Nature has clad all other creatures in shells, pods, husks, hairs, wool, spikes, hide, down, feathers, scales, fleece, or silk according to their necessities.

She has also armed them with claws, teeth and horns for attack and defense, and taught them to swim, run, fly, or sing. Our skin, like theirs, can firmly resist intemperate weather.

Perhaps not for all seasons, but she doesn’t do that for animals either. As for weapons, we have more natural ones than many other animals, and we have a greater variety of movements.

Nature also teaches us instinctively how to acquire means of protection.

What leads him to conclude that they have the attributes of senseless brutes?

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When I play with my cat, how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her? There are times when I initiate and she refuses, and vice versa.A horse knows when there is anger in a certain bark of a dog, and with other barks, it does not react the same way.Even in animals that don’t make sound, we know they have some means of communication between them, from the way they work together. Is there any system more organized and efficient in the allocation of tasks or maintained with greater constancy than that of the bees?A child, once able to feed himself, would know how to go in search of food.Earth, with no farming and no arts, produces more than enough for our needs.As for the wailing, many animals too cry and whine an infants.And eating – for us, like for the animals, does not have to be learned.They may think of us as brute beasts for the same reasons as we think of them to be so.It is no great miracle we can’t understand them, when we can’t even understand the languages of our neighbouring countries.Our works are coarser, and yet we are aware of the faculties we use to construct them: our souls use all their power when doing so.Why do we not consider that the same applies to animals?


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