Target Market In Business Plan

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Opportunities – The number of new businesses starting each year in the U. and specifically in the Triangle Area of North Carolina create a sizeable market.

Many of these businesses are started by an entrepreneur with a solid idea, but little experience in creating the formal business strategies or marketing deliverables necessary to turn their idea into a successful business.

Through interaction with a number of aspiring entrepreneurs, the founders of the Cambridge Strategy Group discovered a ready market of clients who were eager to take advantage of the founders’ skills, understanding, and insight into their businesses.

The Cambridge Strategy Group is exclusively focused on small businesses.

In the world of small business, this is particularly true.

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With 898,000 small businesses starting each year, there is a significant opportunity for a consulting firm such as Cambridge Strategy Group to become the “first” consulting firm dedicated exclusively to small businesses in the minds of a number of these potential clients. Any capital that the firm obtains will be used to promote the “small business focus” of the firm and cover basic operational costs.For the firm to realize its full potential, the founders would require compensation equivalent to full-time employment while pursuing initial clients and creating a backlog of work requests.This would most likely need to cover at least one year’s salary for each of the three managers.By relying on a nationally distributed talent base coordinated to work together remotely, Cambridge Strategy Group will be able to bring together the skills required by a particular client without incurring the expense of physically bringing all of the individuals together.In the book, 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, authors Al Ries and Jack Trout note that being first in the customer’s mind is more important than being the overall leader.We differentiate ourselves in the following ways: Focus on small business.We place our best people on small business customers.Our goal is to own the idea “small business” or “small business consulting” in the minds of our target market.COMPANY ANALYSIS The Cambridge Strategy Group has identified a real business opportunity that has been neglected by earlier consulting firms due to its complex customer base.A diverse network of consultants and alliance partners.Solving the unique problems that face small businesses today demands a wide range of skills and experiences.


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