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It gives the TCP/IP protocol stack the ability to adapt any new networking technology, for example, ATM or Asynchronous Transfers Mode networks.(Blank, TCP/IP Jump Start, 2006) Internet layer sits on the top of network interface layer in the TCP/IP protocol stack. The protocols are IP or Internet Protocol, ARP or Address Resolution Protocol, ICMP or Internet Control Message Protocol, IGMP or Internet group management protocol.Internet group management protocol manages groups of IP multi-casting.

It gives the TCP/IP protocol stack the ability to adapt any new networking technology, for example, ATM or Asynchronous Transfers Mode networks.

The paper will discuss the computer pioneer’s legacy and how it has affected the change of computers.

The topic of this paper is TCP/IP and their designers, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn.

This paper is about a computer pioneer before the 1990s.

A computer pioneer is someone who has had an impact in the development or improvement of the computer.

It is anticipated this will both reduce operational costs and increase network efficiency. The Business Case should; TCP/IP architecture model was initially designed as DARPA model by the US government agency by that name. Those were, application layer, transport layer, Internet layer and network interface layer.

Each of those layer used to correspond to one or more layers in the OSI model with seven layers.Internet layer is responsible for packaging, addressing and routing of packets. Each of these protocols performs different types of responsibilities and collectively all these are the responsibilities of internet layer.(Comer, 2006) Internet protocol is responsible for routing packets.Thus it supports different types of networks, different types of LAN technologies like token ring, Ethernet etc., different types of WAN technologies like frame relay, X.25 etc.This layer is independent from different network technologies.The main function is to provide address resolution services to the network layer.Internet control message protocol provides different types of diagnosis and error handling services that may occur from erroneous packet delivery.In October, Kahn gave a demonstration of an ARPANET network, which connected 40 different computers at the International Computer Communication Conference.This made the network widely known around the world.It places TCP/IP packets on the network and receives the same from the network.TCP/IP protocol stack is independent of different network access methods, medium, frame formats etc.


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