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All of these things are essential in the helping to prevent teenage pregnancy.

All of these things are essential in the helping to prevent teenage pregnancy.Abstinence is when you abstain from sexual activities.

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Abstinence is not a crime, as most teenagers and their peers seem to think.

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The actual crime among teens is not being able to fit in.In high school students alone the rate for being sexually active went from being 66.7 percent to 60.9 percent in the years of 1991-1997.Abstinence is very important, but the peers of teenagers are just as important.In conclusion teen pregnancy has hard an effect on society, in many ways. CFOS says that about 65% of teen pregnancy's were not even discussed with their sexual partners.All of the other percentage of teen pregnancy's were not planned either, but it had been discussed with the teen's sexual partner at some point in time.Most teens began having sex without knowing the consequences.Teenagers need to take responsibility and remember to keep safe, because there are various ways to prevent teen pregnancy, for example abstinence, sex education, and various types of birth control; because these methods are available children should not be brought into this world mistakenly." The Nurture Assumption " says that peer groups matter a lot more than parents influencing how kids turn out, because you can pass your genes, but not your values. ...ontrol are used to prevent pregnancy in teens and also in adults who do not wish to have a children.CFOC’s National Survey of Family Growth stated that teens are having less sex. Studies show that those methods are becoming more and more effective, because the teenage pregnancy rate has dropped by 11%.Statistics have tried to keep up with the change in the teenage generation.Many people have different opinions on the subject of teen pregnancy, because to some people teens seem to be getting pregnant expeditiously in these times.


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