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It's also appropriate to use italics to convey a direct quote.

However, follow the general rule that less is more; use short declarative statements or as few words as possible to convey the meaning of what you are saying.

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If there is a whiteboard behind you, put your name and contact information on the whiteboard.

Term Papers On Aids Good Topics For A Research Paper For English

However, do this before your talk begins because writing on a board is time-consuming and you will have to turn your back on the audience and break your eye contact, which is never a good idea.

Another strategy to save paper is to leave a card on each seat listing the web site where the audience can access the content online.

Use a It is always good idea to include space on the handout for people to take notes, a list of references, and your contact information so people can review them later or contact you if needed.

If possible, know the room from the front before you have to give your presentation.

The front of a classroom or auditorium feels different from where you are normally used to sitting as a student.


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