The Outsiders Critical Thinking Questions

The Outsiders Critical Thinking Questions-31
Unit Foundation Habits of Learning Taxonomy Webbs Depth of Knowledge:1. Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and mediab.

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They will fill in a THEME brainstorm chart to help them brainstorm possible themes. The students will keep journals about the character traits of the characters in the novel.

This will help keep the students organize the characters because it is easy to mix up the characters in the novel.

gather and organize evidence that will prove who/what is responsible for the crimes committed in the novel. that shows who/what should be prosecuted for the crimes committed in the novel and who/what should not be prosecuted. Content Questions How does society fail the individuals in The Outsiders? This assessment is to help the students start thinking about one of the major themes in the novel, The Outsiders, but S. This assessment will also aid in engaging the students in higher-order thinking skills. They will put what they would like to know in the W column.

prepare a defense for those who are not responsible for the crimes committed in the novel. Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential Question How does society affect change? What responsibilities does society have to its people? At the end of the unit, they will put what they learned about themes in the L column.

This exercise will help me determine if the students understand character relationships and events in the novel.

This will also help the students engage in higher-order thinking skills.

This will also help me determine if the students comprehend the novel and that they dont have any misconceptions about the characters.

The students will have to write about the characters physical appearance, personality traits, and actions. The students will fill out a chapter summary that asks them to choose a Star of the chapter, list the 5 major events that occurred in the chapter, draw a picture symbolizing the conflict of the chapter, and find a meaningful quote or phrase, write it down, and then explain why the quote or phrase is meaningful to them. The RAFT exercise gives the students a safe way to write about the novel.

Unit Details Prerequisite Skills Note-taking skills Movie maker Digital Camera Word Processing Multimedia (Infographic or other visual presentation)Instructional Procedures Instructional Procedures Summary Entry Point: I will put the Big Question (How does society affect change?

) on the board and the students will generate questions about the Big Question. The students will also fill out a KWL Chart about literary themes.


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