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In summary, ultimately he is as much a ‘loser’ as a winner – or rather, more a loser than a winner, since the money, and his talent for ‘guessing’ the correct winner, are no good to him when he’s dead.

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In summary, is the riding of the rocking-horse supposed to be Freudian sexual code? Here we might mention Freud’s own idea of ‘sublimation’, whereby the male’s Oedipal desire for the mother is repressed and this drive has to find an alternative outlet: chasing financial success might be one such ‘alternative drive’.

‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’: how should we analyse that title in light of the story that follows?

A reading of a classic short story ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ is a short story by D. But how we should analyse and interpret the story remains unclear. He does this several times, winning ever greater sums of money for his mother, egged on by his Uncle Oscar in whom he confides about the rocking-horse trick.

It’s a story about luck, money, and success, and the dangers of chasing after these and investing too much in them. In summary, ‘The Rocking-Horse Winner’ focuses on a young boy, Paul, who wishes to win money for his mother and who manages to do so by riding his rocking-horse until he enters a state of near-frenzy and he manages to ‘predict’ the name of the horse that will win the next major race.

In this post we’re going to offer some notes towards an analysis of this classic D. Eventually, however, he rides his rocking-horse into such a frenzy that he collapses and, upon hearing news that he has won a large fortune from his latest bet, he dies.

Given this short summary of the story’s plot, what is the moral of the story?After further winning, Paul and Oscar arrange to give the mother a gift of five thousand pounds, but the gift only lets her spend more.Disappointed, Paul tries harder than ever to be "lucky".He has been spending hours riding his rocking horse, sometimes all night long, until he "gets there", into a clairvoyant state where he can be sure of the winner's name. Informed by Cresswell, Bassett has placed Paul's bet on Malabar, at fourteen to one.When he is informed by Bassett that he now has 80,000 pounds, Paul says to his mother: And even as he lay dead, his mother heard her brother's voice saying to her, "My God, Hester, you're eighty-odd thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad.As the Derby approaches, Paul is determined to learn the winner.Concerned about his health, his mother rushes home from a party and discovers his secret.Choose 2 of the following short stories to compare and contrast in your essay: • “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson • “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D. Lawrence Also, make at least 1 of these elements of fiction the focus of your essay: • Conflict/Plot/Structure • Characterization • Point of View.In “The Lottery” Shirley Jackson talks about the evils of blindly following a religion. Lawrence talks about people’s inability to be satisfied in life.Sometimes he says he is "sure" of a winner for an upcoming race, and the horses he names do in fact win, sometimes at remarkable odds.Uncle Oscar and Bassett both place large bets on the horses Paul names.


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