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Based on these variations, one can have 25 possible thesis topics to choose from and discuss with the thesis adviser.We used this approach in our DC198 class and I was amazed at the list of acceptable thesis topics that my students discussed with me.I would like to add to the possible researchable areas in communication that Ma’am Moni put forward.

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One could look at the dominant themes/ideologies imbedded in media messages and its implications on body image formation among adolescents.

One could also deconstruct the media discourse of aging or towards marginalized groups in society in the light of Foucault’s theory of the included and the excluded.

So, hit the button, make an order, and enjoy your A for an excellent communication research paper.

My last three posts on communication thesis topics elicited more queries and emails from students than I had anticipated. My sister is doing her thesis as well this semester.” “What if ma’am i make i study on the students’ preference of research reference–internet or library.

Some of the paddies are ripe for inquiries, some waiting for the critical young researcher to blaze the trail and cut the grasses, so to speak.

If one reads he/she would be able to spot gaps within what has been known and the unknown that is worth looking into.

Some of the emails were: “Hello ma’am, i’m thinking of fraternities for thesis topic. It’s all about their access and what they trust most.

I really need your help maam and suggestions on my proposed ideas.” “Ma’am, if at all possible, could you suggest possible topics related to economics (macroeconomics)?

While the emails indicated an openness to consult the teacher, they also elicited an exasperated response from me. It is absolutely not to be copied and pasted in toto as there are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues involved.

A student can take one current issue (e.g., melamine contamination in milk, methathione controversy, climate change, farm waste management, mining) and come up with any of these topics : 1) framing of the issue online, 2) framing of the issue in national newspapers, 3) mothers’ risk perceptions of melamine in milk, 4) rural mothers’ awareness of food safety issues, 5) information needs on each of these issues, etc.


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