Thesis On Budget Implementation

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Property tax is frequently the basis for municipal and county revenues, while sales tax and/or income tax are the basis for state revenues, and income tax and corporate tax are the basis for national revenues.

The two basic elements of any budget are the revenues and expenses.

The postponement makes the choices harder, not easier, and the consequence is a less efficient budget process.

When revenues are overestimated and the impact of continuing commitments is underestimated, sharp cuts must be made in expenditure when executing the budget.

From the collected information, I analyzed different sectors and aspects of budget of two countries and make comparison of those.

Thesis On Budget Implementation

On the basis of the comparison, I find that there is a huge difference between two countries budget in different respective sectors.

There are two methodologies to collect information.

For this thesis on budget I collect data from secondary sources.

My secondary source was internet and different books which are written based on budget. INTRODUCTIONBUDGETA budget is a description of a financial plan.

It is a list of estimates of revenues to and expenditures by an agent for a stated period of time.


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