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Start your dissertation with a short statement to steer your vehicle of research hopefully.Readers need to be concerned about the purpose of recruiting employees.

SEKAB has extensive experience of hosting degree project candidates and trainees.

We view this as an ideal way to promote contacts and knowledge exchange with universities and university colleges.

For example, the technical selection is not the alternative to evaluate a person’s skill.

Within short span of time, it can’t be possible for a human being to assess the quality of a candidate who is also influenced by emotional, external and social obligations.

With this definition taken care of, this post take you through some very creative ideas you can bring on board as potential topics for such a piece of writing, so take a look below for details. This is an approach you can pursue in your writing but to make it more interesting, ensure you bring to light just how significant it is in a workplace.

Your term paper would be more substantial if you factor in the need to explore a range of recruitment types and why they apply in certain situations.

Recruitment is done in professional and academic world.

Students have to have good credits by answering to the questions asked by senior teachers.

SEKAB strives to offer students interesting assignments and good supervision and we offer our project candidates market-oriented remuneration.

If you would like to carry out your degree/thesis project work orinternship with SEKAB kindly submit your application via the form below.


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