Thesis Statement For Athletes As Role Models

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When one hears the term leader, there may be some confusion around what qualities a leader may or may not possess.

One should also avoid confusing a good leader with a good role model, because although a good role model may possess similar qualities, there are a few qualities that are required in order to be a strong leader.

It is important for role models to be positive and responsible in instilling good morals and values because future generations are directly dependent on the role models of today.

By examining the influence of role models, role models in the community, and role models in the media, we will be able to determine the true effect that role models have on the lives of youth....

Some baseball players have fits and throw their bats sometimes after they strike out or do something wrong.

Coaches have fits with the umpires and refs over one small call.

They set very bad examples for children who want to have the job that the players have. Former baseball pitcher Steve Howe was already removed from the sport because of substance abuse. Boxer Riddick Bowe punched an opponent during a press conference.

This is not the type of attitude they want their loving fans to hear.

- During these times, once you turn on your television set you are abruptly notified on yet another absurd act that a celebrity had committed the night before.

The media becomes engrossed by the despicable behavior and ravages at it as if it was the final grain of rice.


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