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It will provide an overview of the development of the diagnostic definition of post traumatic stress disorder and the way that this disorder affects and impacts the police officer.The central question that will be investigated will focus on the reasons why police officers are so prone to this disorder. Thesis Statement The central thesis that will be explored in present study is as follows: the nature of police work increases the probability of developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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There has been an emphasis in the literature on the relationship between PTSD and military personnel.

However, as the definition and understanding of post traumatic stress disorder becomes more inclusive and wide-ranging, other sectors of society are being analyzed, and there is an increasing interest in groups that are prone to high levels of stress and trauma. Studies have found that there is a PTSD prevalence rate of more than thirteen percent among police officer in some instances (Green, 2004, p.1).

When veterans come back from war, they can also struggle with substance abuse, anger issues, isolation, and more.

The topic of treatment for vets with PTSD is a somewhat controversial one since treatment options can vary from therapy and psychotropic drugs, to alternatives like marijuana, but since that is still federally illegal, it is hard to bring to light.

This refers to the daily experiences and life context of the police officer and how this context increases the probability of developing post traumatic stress disorder.

In investigating this central assertion a number of variables and factors have to be considered.Since a lot of the drugs are addictive, if you start to abuse them, it can be near impossible to stop.Drugs like Elavil is an antidepressant that actually caused suicidal thoughts, so the FDA now requires it to carry a black-box warning. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.Intro: My goals for this paper were to talk about a topic that not many people probably know about.PTSD affects about 31 percent of veterans just from the Vietnam War, but not just veterans. If you suffer from any type of traumatic experience, you risk the chance of getting can be different when they return from combat “In combat, you have to shut down those emotions that do not directly serve survival.About 5.2 million people will experience PTSD in the U. So sweetness, the gentler forms of humor, grief -- all shut down.Post traumatic stress disorder is understood as a response to traumatic stress, such as having to kill someone in the line of duty.Another area of concern that emerges from the literature is that there is a relative paucity of research and data on this serious issue.That is big reason as to why veterans realize that something is wrong when they come home.Veterans do not realize that they may have a disorder like PTSD until after some time because sometimes they do not know until they recognize the many outbursts, severe anxiety, and insomnia/nightmares.


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