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Then he showed me how to drive the cows into the barn, close their necks into the stanchions, feed them grain and shovel the barn, all before dinner.It quickly became clear that I was to earn my keep and that my -per-month wages were a significant family expense.There I collected hay bales and loaded them on the wagon hitched to the tractor.

Then he showed me how to drive the cows into the barn, close their necks into the stanchions, feed them grain and shovel the barn, all before dinner.It quickly became clear that I was to earn my keep and that my -per-month wages were a significant family expense.

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The Vermont I saw looking out of the Greyhound window seemed to me to be a depopulated zone.

It looked the way I had imagined the frontier had looked a century earlier.

I was glad that he was gone and would not witness my humiliation.

But I soon discovered that I could have used his help; I had to gather the hay off the road by the armful and carry it to the field. I had gotten all the hay I could, but some was left on the road and it looked very much like a Philadelphia back yard that had just been prepared for a new lawn.

Shortly after my arrival and introduction to his wife and two young kids, Louis suggested that I change into work clothes.

I thought this was unnecessary since I would just hang around and watch him do his chores, as I had done with the Pennsylvania Dutch farmer as a Fresh Air Kid.The bus ride to Barre was so long that it seemed I really was headed into Canada, if not the Arctic Circle.There were no interstate highways in Vermont at that time.The furniture in the house was worn, the car was old, and the house could have used a fresh coat of paint.Louis emphasized two essential chores that I must master; the evening milking, and handling the tractor.But I did enjoy the way you could make tight turns by pressing just the left or just the right brake, instead of pressing them both, latched together for driving straight.But after a few hours, it could get a little boring, so instead of raking in the traditional graceful rows, I raked my name and a rude word on the hillside.I couldn’t understand why Louis was so upset — who would see it other than us and the chipmunks?I was feeling very proud when Louis trusted me to take the tractor by myself to a field a half-mile away and up a hill from the farm.Louis must have had his doubts about me, but he was patient. The biggest machine I had ever handled was a lawnmower.When the tractor’s wheel sank into a groundhog hole, I almost lurched overboard.


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