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The purpose of providing author affiliations is to indicate the institution(s) where the research was performed, and to provide readers with a way of contacting the authors. Please follow the one in sample papers of the target journal: However, this depends on the journal guidelines as well.

For example, For any authors who have moved to a different institution between the time that the research was performed and the manuscript is published can also provide a current address. of Biotech., NUO Use: Department of Biotechnology, National University of Osaka One author is always chosen as the “Corresponding Author.” All correspondences from the journal will be directed to the corresponding author, who is then responsible for keeping the other authors updated with regard to the status of the manuscript.

If this person is from another university then separate your names indicating university names for each.

Highlight your text and tap the button at the top of the page to center the text and note that it has to be centered.

In our next post, we discuss in detail the elements whose inclusion is subject to the journal guidelines.

That feeling when you just finished your perfect research paper and finally able to sigh with a relief…but anyways, one thing is left – a title page.This cover page should include: your school name, your research paper title, your name, your class, your professor name and your paper due date.If your instructor requires a cover page, you would omit the main heading on your first page.It’s not that difficult but you must consider all the features of the style that your professor required.Our little article will explain to you how to make a perfect title page for research paper in the APA, MLA styles.Although it is the first page of the manuscript, this section is usually written right at the end.The title page contains all or a combination of the following elements.It’s also an important thing that needs an attention.It’s not going to take too much time, but it can make your future grade lower and your papers look dry and unfinished.The heading should be downed about 1/3 of the way down the page, use the return key to move it and you can also place it on two lines if it’s too long.You have to be precise, so don’t use abbreviations and extra words. It should be placed under the title, just press the return key again once and type out your name.


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