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As she shuns attachment, Lily is uncomfortable in her role as caregiver and sympathizer.She pretends to “drink out of her empty coffee cup so as to escape him – to escape his demand on her, to put aside a moment longer that imperious need” (126).

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Lilly Briscoe, the painter who stayed with the family at the summer home, is a character that focuses largely on her memory of the summer house and Mrs.

Ramsey, especially when she returns years later to finish her painting.

The first part is where the memories are formed, the encoding of memory.

In the second part a considerable amount of time passes and the memories are put away.

Lilly Briscoe illustrates the power of memory and symbolism in preserving someone who has passed away.

The novel is written in three sections and each serves as a function of memory.Though time can break down physical matter, its prodding cannot disperse vivid memories.In the beginning of Part Three, Lily feels that Mrs.The third part is the crucial stage of memory retrieval, when the memories are brought up in the minds of the people who return to the summer home.Part III, "The Lighthouse," resumes the story of the Ramseys, now without Mrs. In the first part of the novel, James Ramsey had asked to go to the lighthouse.Lily notices that Cam, although seventeen, seems to be looking “round for someone who was not there, for Mrs. written by Virginia Woolf is related to cultural movement which is called modernism.There are a lot of thoughts in the novel; however, there is no action at all.The novel is considered to be the so-called extension of Modernist literature which appeared at the beginning of the 20 The central idea of the novel is the problem of perception.The First World War starts and ends in the fourth year and Prue passes away as result of childbirth complications. The children try to resist accompanying their father to the trip by remaining silent.Ironically, instead of Ramsey giving harsh words to his son as usual he praises him, something that creates some moment of empathy between the two.


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