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First, what are the assumptions behind this person's statement?How does he view the job of government, for instance? Does he believe pollution is a real threat to the environment?We use it when we raise questions about: Critical thinking is an important tool in solving community problems and in developing interventions or initiatives in health, human services, and community development.

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Brookfield presents several, with this one being perhaps the simplest.

Reflection leads you to the consideration of another problem or goal, and the cycle begins again.

Next, you might want to consider the official's biases.

What party does this politician belong to, and what's that party's position on pollution regulation?

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When we are aware that we can choose and direct our thinking, we realize that we have the ability to better control the circumstances of our lives, improve our decision-making processes and generally live more productive lives.

This in no way suggests that we need downplay the many feelings and emotions we as humans enjoy, it's a simply a way for us to manage and balance them with our cognitive abilities.

may seem a bit radical, however, according to the premise of cognitive psychology, what you think is what you feel.

While many people believe that your feelings precede, or are independent of your thoughts, the truth is that your feelings are products of your thoughts.


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