Twelfth Night Character Analysis Essay

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No person wants what they can truly have, but rather, what they cannot.Shakespeare conveys a cryptic portrayal of romance where his characters are masochists and shows how love can blind and act so impulsively to satisfy an innate need.

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She describes love as something that comes upon her unexpectedly and out of nowhere, “Not too fast; soft, soft unless the masters were the man. Shakespeare’s creativity of the foil between the sayings “loves is blind” and Sebastian’s mistaken disguise as being Cesario, Olivia disregards Sebastian comments about being a stranger ignoring him and insisting that he is the man she fell in love with “So comes it, lady, you have been mistook But nature to her bias drew in that.

You would have been contracted to a maid Nor are you therein, by my life, deceived, You are betroth’d both to a maid and man” Act (V, I, 2460).

Viola who was only trying to find refuge from a shipwrecked, disguises herself as a young boy.

Viola is left alone and must look to her own resourcefulness to secure her safety.

It seems as though love or romance for him is a game, rather than an emotion to be taken seriously.

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Throughout the rest of the play, his pursuance of Olivia never ceases, and at one point the even threatens to kill his own servant Cesario because of Olivia’s mistaken thinking that Cesario was the man she had just married.

Olivia crosses the boundary of basic society values of getting to know some one before marry that person.

In the end of the play, both Olivia and Orinso end up happy, but this is mainly because they marry the man and woman versions of the same person.

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