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Third, the strategic management theories and strategies based on factors and competitive advantages of globalization were analyzed.Finally, Case Analysis Report Wal-Mart company suggestions on proposed and were followed by a conclusion.Can get great discounts from suppliers because of their size and thus pass on these savings to customers (Global 500,2012).

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The first Wal-Mart Stores established by Sam Walton at Rogers Arkansas in 1962.

Wal-Mart store at a time over a period of seven years of commercial operation in this important growth, respectively. This is a great and continuous improvement, with the end of the retail store managed to operate at a global level.

This warranty is offered to compensate to a certain extent with satisfaction.

For example, Wal-Mart's benefits package (Matsa, 2011), low-wage and part-time in order to cut costs and maintain their reputation for heavy reliance on temporary help.

This, at least, has a working relationship, the need for labor and management is important to highlight the negative effects because it reflects.

Use the control of such a large organization, and especially the staff to manage a large enterprise.

This is a great addition to local operation, Wal-Mart and the international segment, retail sales in eight countries and Puerto Rico process applies.

Involved made ​​it into retail stores, restaurants, discount stores, Supercenters, Sam's Club, and many formats, Wal-Mart's international segment.

Suppliers in terms of price and are always under pressure with the ability to provide needed.

Because of customers often concerned with low prices and quality of the goods.


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