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“This conference curates key historical milestones to fully examine the circumstances that culminated in the unprecedented three-day concert that was the Woodstock Music Festival.” The Hudson River Valley Institute (HRVI) at Marist is the Marist lead organizer, working in collaboration with The Museum at Bethel Woods and the New York State Museum office of state history.

“Looking at this historic event through the lens of social movements has allowed us to construct panels that explore the impact of that transformative decade, the 1960s, and its most memorable event, the Woodstock Music Festival,” noted Dr. “This is not strictly a scholarly endeavor,” explained Dr. Johnson, a military historian and executive director of HRVI, in the same press release.

Where was he headed, that naked guy clambering his way through the crowd? 6, 1969, and the place was the Altamont Speedway in Northern California.

Though there are many reasons to recall a moment when, as Rolling Stone described it, “everything went perfectly wrong’’ — a day when famous bands didn’t play; when bad acid felled dozens and scores more were injured; and when one of the Hell’s Angels hired to police the event knifed and killed a man during a Rolling Stones set — the image I return to is a peaceable one.“What the hell was he doing?

New York State historian Devin Lander is moderator and presenter at that last back-to-the-land session.

Kate Daloz, who grew up in a geodesic dome in Vermont, and Sally Dwyer-Mc Nulty, a Marist history professor with an interest in the Catholic Worker farm in Tivoli, are panelists.“The events planned do offer something for everyone: those who attended Woodstock, those who want to learn more about the 1960s, and anyone with an interest in the social movements of that time and how they impact life and politics today.” The conference will explore the social history of the tumultuous decade.Events will include a by-registration-only field trip to Bethel Woods (where a special exhibit examines what the youth of 1969 wanted for the world, placed in the context of the societal impacts that followed), panel discussions on the Vietnam war, civil rights and feminism; the keynote lecture by Brinkley; and panels on 1960s music and communal living. One apocryphal rule is that something becomes history when a historian writes a history about it.Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley will be the keynote speaker at a June 13 and 14 Marist College conference entitled “1969: When Woodstock Changed the World.” Marist’s conference is being billed as the definitive — and perhaps only — academic conference on this anniversary. All events at the two-day Marist gathering are open to the public, but registration is required.Sounds to me like the poor old festival is history, all right, and these folks are going to provide a context for it. The conference fee of includes some meals and an invite to the closing reception.I don’t want to fake you out Take or shake or forsake you out I ain’t lookin’ for you to feel like me See like me or be like me All I really want to do Is, baby, be friends with you.We drove toward the city and ended up taking a subway downtown from the Bronx.The sight of Leary and the young man with him sitting in a subway car chewing the meat off a massive T-bone steak brought with them from Millbrook was as surreal as anything I had experienced the previous evening.It was the real thing, not cut with speed or anything else.I took a few acid trips and sampled other psychedelia in various Greenwich Village apartments, and felt I gained a lot from the mind-bending experiences.


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