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This is known as a "hanging indent." All references should be double-spaced with no extra spaces between the entries.

Capitalize the first work in the title of the work and all important words (articles—“a,” “the,” etc, prepositions—“in,” “for,” etc, and conjunctions—“and,” “but,” etc, should not be capitalized unless as the first word). Call letters and city of the local station (if any).

Using the example of a book ‘A guide to citation’ and an article ‘APA Citation guide’, this takes the form: An e-book is considered to be a different version of a book, so the e-book identity is entered into the version section of the regular book reference template.

Specific providers of e-book can be referenced for instance kindle which is referenced as ‘kindle ed.’.

, late ed.) An Interview from a Television or Radio Program Name of the person interviewed.

Interviewer’s name may be added if known and pertinent.

Italicize titles of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and films. A Television or Radio Broadcast “Title of episode or segment”.

Indicate the publication medium with a marker such as Print, Web, or other form (i.e. (Please note: When citing the date, list day before month; use a three-letter abbreviation of the month (e.g. If there is more than one edition available for that date (as in an early and late edition of a newspaper), identify the edition following the date (i.e.

This is a list of all the sources referenced within the document and contains the author's name, source title, date of publication and more information which varies depending on the source type.

A MLA Works-Cited List must: In this case, the whole title italicised, a shortened title within quotation marks or an article or webpage in quotation marks should be used in place of the author.


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